600 ELR schools selected

The Educational Lending Right (ELR) project for 2011 has commenced with 600 Australian schools being asked to participate.

Participation involves running a small software program or performing an ordinary backup, depending on the library management system. Feedback from schools indicates that participation is quick and easy, taking only minutes to do. From the results we are able to create a book count of titles held in the schools.

Author Justin D'Ath

The Australian Government uses this data to calculate payments to Australian book creators.

Australian book creators highly value the income they receive from this important cultural program.

Justin D’Ath, author of over 30 books, says…

Whenever I receive emails from children who’ve read my books, I ask where did they get them? Ninety per cent come from school libraries. If it wasn’t for ELR, I couldn’t afford to be an author.

If you are asked to be part of the project, please respond as soon as possible. You will receive a $20 gift voucher from Curriculum Press in appreciation of your assistance.

More information is available from ELR or telephone 1800 337 405 (outside Melbourne); 03 9207 9600 or email elr@esa.edu.au.

ELR – Encouraging the growth of Australian writing and publishing

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