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SCIS is conducting a consultation workshop in Melbourne on Tuesday 4 December 2012 from 9.00-1.00pm. The consultation aims to engage SCIS and its partners in discussion about future priorities in our support of school libraries.

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Twitter hashtag for the day: #scisasks

9.00am Welcome, SCIS update and consultation goals

9.15am Strategic directions

9.45am Resource Description and Access

  • Introduction to RDA and its benefits for education libraries (Renate Beilharz, Box Hill TAFE)
  • Recommended changes to SCIS Standards for Cataloguing (Pam Kadow, SCIS Cataloguing Team Leader)
  • Discussion and questions
    Outcome: Resolutions on RDA implementation dates and process

11.00am Morning Tea

11.30amĀ ScOT and subject access in SCIS

  • Subject authorities looking forward
  • Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT) in library systems
  • Australian Curriculum alignment opportunities
  • Discussion and questions
    Outcome: Resolutions on research required and timeline

12.15pm Integrating digital collections

  • Challenges of collection building and workflows
  • Priorities for cataloguing digital content
  • Discussion and questions
    Outcome: Recommendations on priority areas for SCIS services

1.00pm SCIS Consultation closes
Participants are encouraged to stay for a light lunch and then join delegates at the keynote session and opening reception for the IDEA 2012 conference at the Sofitel, 25 Collins Street Melbourne.

2.00pm Keynote: The science and technology of learning, Professor Erik Duval, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
3.15pm Afternoon tea
3.45pm Panel: Challenges and opportunities for digital learning including Rhyan Bloor, Digital Education Branch, DEEWR; Rodney Spark, eWorks; Kerri-Lee Krause, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education), University of Western Sydney and Bevan Doyle, Chief Information Officer, Department of Education Western Australia

5.30pm IDEA2012 Reception and Networking

6.30pm IDEA 2012 Day 1 close

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7 thoughts on “SCIS asks”

  1. Hello
    This is probably taking adv of this forum for a comment abt current standards.
    We have been getting an awful lot of variation in cataloguing – even across the same titles. Mostly it is in extra punctuation but sometimes it is significant in that the main title of an item was not included anywhere in the description.
    These are just a couple of the concerns we have had lately which make it very difficult for us to maintain consistency in records & more importantly, make it very difficult to queue the same/similar resources together by title.

    Thanks Sue

  2. Thank you for taking an interest in the blog and for raising issues about cataloguing standards. We agree that consistency in cataloguing is very important and are keen to fix anything that users identify
    In terms of punctuation this is an ongoing challenge which can be affected by changing standards as well as differences between how Library Systems display data.
    To troubleshoot specific examples could you send details with SCIS number to for our cataloguing team or phone us +61 3 9207 9600 to discuss further.

    Many thanks

  3. I would like to support Angela’s concern, would it be possible to run some SCIS courses in Sydney, particularly to further understand RDA? I am happy to help organise/offer a venue if that is appropriate. Margo Pickworth, Ph. 99561187

  4. Will schools have to take out their own subscriptions to the RDA Toolkit or will we be able to access the information via our SCIS subscription?

  5. We have several staff members who would be interested in attending a session on RDA cataloguing in NSW.

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