Personalising the SCIS experience

At SCIS, we have been working closely with library system vendors to improve the SCIS experience.  We have made two changes to enable libraries to select the download options that will best suit the library system that they are using.

These options can be found and edited under the School/Organisation Settings in My Profile. You will find this by clicking on your library name in the top right corner after logging into SCIS Data.

Download preference

The SCIS default is for records and cover images to be downloaded together in a single, zipped folder.  For libraries that prefer not to receive records in zip files, or who do not want to download cover images, we have added an option to separate marc records and cover images.

If the option to separate MARC records and cover images is selected, you will see two buttons on the downloads page.  One for records, and one for images.

Holding format

The SCIS default for call numbers is the MARC 082 tag. If your library system requires call numbers to be output in the location (MARC 852) tag to create a copy record, you may select the MARC holdings format.

If you are unsure about whether either of these options best suits your system, please consult with your library management system vendor.

Please refer to the SCIS help article about record preferences for more information.

We will be covering profile settings and downloading in the SCIS workshops in Perth on 27th February and in Melbourne on the 7th and 14th March. For more information about these workshops, or to register, please visit our Professional learning page.

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SCIS (Schools Catalogue Information Service) was created with the aim of providing schools with access to a database of consistent catalogue records created according to agreed national standards, in order to reduce the cost and duplication of effort of cataloguing resources in schools. Since its inception, SCIS has been responsible for improving the quality and consistency of cataloguing materials for schools.

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