Unmatched SCIS orders

Unmatched orders

Can’t find your resource on SCIS?

The ISBN, ISSN, ISMN and SCIS numbers you tried to order were not found on the SCIS database?

You can get your unmatched orders checked.

Go to My Profile and choose Advanced options.

My Profile Advanced Tab showing unmatched orders option
My Profile Advanced Tab showing unmatched orders option

If you receive the unmatched orders message in SCISWeb there are two things you should do today to get the most out of your SCIS subscription.

Check that:

  1. you have an up-to-date email address in your SCIS Profile, and
  2. you are receiving emails when SCIS catalogues a resource you have ordered that was previously unmatched.

These two simple steps mean you can either

  1. put an unmatched resource back on your cataloguing shelf and wait for an email telling you when a catalogue record is available, or
  2. create a skeleton record for the record if your library system allows this, and overlay the full SCIS record when you receive the email from SCIS.
Add your email address to My Profile

Note that if you use a Z39.50 system you will need to re-order any unmatched ISBNs in the SCISWeb Create Orders interface to activate this email alert.


This is a handy feature of SCIS, but remember that SOMEONE has to send the resource to SCIS for it to be catalogued. Our cataloguing services staff would love to receive your unmatched resources.