Strategic review of SCIS

In June 2010 we invited SCIS subscribers to respond to a user survey, as part of a strategic review of SCIS. This review is being undertaken by library consulting company Libraries Alive! The review is to develop strategies to ensure that SCIS continues to meet the needs of its users into the future.

Strategic planning helps future direction
Strategic planning helps future direction

We were delighted to receive more than 1300 responses, which is a high response rate for a survey. Thank you to all the schools who took time to provide us with their views. Your comments clearly show that time savings are fundamental to the appeal of SCIS.

The consultants have delivered a draft report which notes the many benefits our customers experience using SCISWeb. These include school-ready subject headings, consistent quality records, effective support and use of the database to identify materials for purchase or classroom use. More information about the outcomes of the review will be provided here in our blog when the final report is available.

Thank you!

More than 1300 SCIS subscribers responded to our recent SCIS user survey, which was conducted as part of the strategic review of SCIS being carried out by library consulting company Libraries Alive.

The review will help us make decisions about the future direction of SCIS, but it’s also about evaluating how well we are meeting your needs now, so it was wonderful to get so many amazingly positive responses from our users about our services.

The review should be completed by the end of this month, and we will be reporting in detail on the outcomes in the term 4 issue of Connections; in the meantime a summary of the responses to the survey is available here.

Libraries Alive! and the SCIS survey


What our users think about our service is always important to us, but now more than ever we need your feedback! Library consulting company Libraries Alive! has recently been hired by Education Services Australia to conduct a review of SCIS to help us to identify the best ways we can continue to support school libraries with cataloguing services in the future.

As part of the review we are conducting a survey of our customers to find out what the people who matter most think about us. So, if you are a customer of SCIS, and have not already received our email notification, please find the time to complete our short online survey.

The survey is completely anonymous and shouldn’t take any longer than 5 mins to complete. We know how busy you are and how many demands there are on your time, but we hope to get as many responses as possible by 18 June 2010.